We are rebuilding the system that renders your Umso sites!
In short this means: fewer settings, prettier websites.
What exactly will change?
We are re-designing all sections and adding new ones. We're also changing our approach to make it easier to get pretty results with fewer settings. You will be able to change between different hero versions.
When I launched Umso almost 5 years ago it was incredibly simple and only had very basic settings. As time went by we've added more and more features and the editor got a lot more complicated.
Not only did it get more complicated for you to use but it also got harder to maintain and to add new sections.
For about a year now we've rebuilt our design engine from the ground up based on everything we've learned in the last few years.
We're calling the new version "engine x" because we're too busy working on it to come up with something more creative.
When will it be launched?
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